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The Death Chair

The Death Chair

Postby Witchypoo » Thu May 10, 2012 6:12 am

Stories of haunted or cursed chairs are nothing new, sitting in one and tempting the fates is all part of what the curious and the debunkers consider all part of the game. A story over the years that circulates once in a while is about a chair that whom ever sits in drops dead immediately.

At least four recorded actual deaths have been blamed on a cursed two-hundred-year-old blue upholstered wing chair in the Blue Room of this Chestnut Hill mansion. Ghostly presences have also materialized at séances in this mansion, which contains possessions belonging to Civil War General George Meade and Napoleon Bonaparte's chair of death.

Chairs can be haunted and cursed too—just ask John Zaffis, who has amassed and stored hundreds of such items. Recently I began thinking of this topic again, after seeing part of an episode of John Zaffis' TV show ("Haunted Collector") on haunted items that people want to get rid of and give to him for his museum. Ghosts and spirits inhabit more than just homes and buildings — they can also live in objects. John Zaffis, eminent paranormal researcher and demonologist, has been consulted on countless hauntings for clients all over the country, desperate to return their lives to normalcy. Along with his son Chris, daughter Amy, and paranormal investigators Beth Ezzo and Brian Cano, Zaffis tracks down haunted items such as paintings, guns, jewelry and antiques. Once identified, the items are collected and stored in the museum.

And I wondered did he own more then just a supposed haunted desk that I found at his site.

I have always known of the death chair since I first read about the one in England as a child of 12. There is of course the story of a haunted chair that I have heard many tales about. This death chair is said to be the most haunted or cursed piece of furniture in the world.

Recently I was party to a situation with someone needing assistance that involved a supposed haunted death chair that concerned a used rocking chair a friend bought that she stated would rock all on it's own. Though the chair did not move for me it still peaked my interest concerning haunted and cursed chairs to the point that I needed to learn more.

The "death chair" is also a common term for a seating device used in the executions of criminals who have been condemned to the death penalty. Many say these chairs are haunted. A death chair is utilized in the following methods of execution:

Electrocution, where an electric chair or death chair restrains the inmate while an electrical current passes through his or her body. Many tales of haunted electric chairs have been rumored over the years.

Gas chamber death chair, which has a chair located inside the airtight chamber, to restrain the prisoner while he or she is asphyxiated with lethal gas.

Firing squad death chair, which has a chair which both keeps the inmate still while he or she is shot with rifles by the executioners, and also collects the bodily fluids that spill out of the inmate's body following the execution.

But what of a real chair of death, that is where a person has been killed in or died unexpectedly just sitting in it. Many around the world claim to own such haunted collectable's as haunted or cursed chairs. As a real Collector of Possessed Possessions you might consider owning such a seat of evil power, but then again you might not.


Not just one, but two haunted chairs furnish the Gothic Ballroom of Belcourt Castle in Newport, R.I. The Castle is open to tours, and people who have come to view this gorgeous mansion have reported feeling chills and a strange energy when they get near two chairs in particular.

Combermere Abbey, Shropshire. A visitor to the abbey library, Sybell Corbet, took a time-lapse photo of Lord Combermere’s favorite carved oak chair on May 12, 1891, at the same time that the man was getting buried four miles away. When developed, it showed a blurry image (right) of a bearded man sitting in the chair.
Many believed cursed and ghost or demon haunted chairs do exist and over the years many stories have circulated.


In the tiny village of Thirsk, in the local museum, there sits a valuable antique chair. According to locals, the chair is cursed with an astonishing and lethal power. Inside the Thirsk Museum, in North Yorkshire, England, is the infamous chair of Thomas Busby. The chair hangs on a wall, about five to six feet up, in order to prevent anyone from sitting on it. Legend holds that the chair is cursed, and anyone who dares sit in it will meet an untimely end soon after.


It was also the home of coiner and murderer Thomas Busby, whose ghost was thought to haunt the Busby Stoop Inn at the crossroads where he was gibbeted for his crimes. For more than 20 years no-one would sit in the chair that now hangs in a local museum kitchen for fear of the dreadful fate said to await anyone who braves Busby's curse.

The Chair of Death or Death Chair is a supposedly haunted chair that brings death to those who sit in it. Gregory Branson-Trent tells that Busby's Stoop is the name of the object. And it's a chair that has been the center of several legends over the course of many years. But unlike other alleged cursed objects, this chair is said to have a disturbingly high fatality rate, claiming every single victim that sits on it within only a short period of time afterward. The deaths always occur under the guise of coincidence, and have a good chance of being some of the most unlikely deaths or be terribly common. Skeptics say that those who would ignore the warning and the curse would also likely ignore other warnings and engage in high risk behaviors.

The legend begins with a man who had been sentenced to die. Thomas Busby had killed a coin counterfeiter after an argument with a hammer, bludgeoning him to death. After standing trial in 1702 he was granted one last wish before execution and requested that he be given the right to enjoy one final drink in his favorite bar chair. That night as he sat in his favorite chair, he proclaimed to the silent room awaiting his final words, "Death will come swiftly to whomsoever sits in my chair." Shortly after that, Busby was hanged.

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Re: The Death Chair

Postby ghost_gal » Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:57 am

Very interesting, but I don't think I would want one of those chairs in my house :)

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